Potential conflicts connecting your domain or subdomain to the Best App.

When you're connecting a subdomain to the Best app by modifying DNS entries, having pre-existing A records or AAAA records on the same subdomain can lead to conflicts. This is because DNS A records are used to point a domain or subdomain to a specific IP address. If there are multiple A records for the same subdomain pointing to different IP addresses, it can create confusion as to where the traffic should be directed. Here's a detailed explanation and solution:

Conflict Explanation:

  • DNS A Records: These records map a domain or subdomain to an IP address.
  • Multiple A Records for One Subdomain: If your subdomain (like best.yourdomain.com) has multiple A records or AAAA records others than the 2 A Records created pointing to different IP addresses, it can cause inconsistent behavior. Different users might be directed to different servers, depending on which DNS server they are hitting and its current state of propagation.
  • Impact: This inconsistency can lead to a situation where some users might reach the Best app, while others might end up at a different service or server, depending on which A record their DNS query resolves to.

Solution to Resolve the Conflict:

Review Current DNS Settings:

  • 1. Check your DNS settings for the specific subdomain you intend to use (e.g., best.yourdomain.com).
  • 2. Identify all existing A records or AAAA records for this subdomain.

Determine Necessary Records:

  • Decide which service you want the subdomain to point to. In this case, if you are setting up the subdomain to connect with the Best app, you need it to point to the IP addresses provided by Best ( and

Remove carefully unnecessary A Records and AAAA Records on the same subdomain:

  • Remove carefully any A records that exist on the same subdomain and that are not pointing to the Best app IP addresses. This step is crucial to prevent conflict and ensure that the subdomain consistently resolves to the Best app.

Update your A Records and AAAA records:

  • Update or add the required A records to point to the Best app's IP addresses. Ensure that for the subdomain best.yourdomain.com, you only have the A records pointing to and

DNS Propagation Time:

  • After making changes, allow up to 24 hours for DNS propagation. This ensures that the changes are updated across all DNS servers globally.

Verify Configuration:

  • After the propagation period, use DNS lookup tools to verify that the subdomain correctly resolves to the new IP addresses.
  • Ensure that accessing the subdomain in a web browser takes you to the Best app as expected.

Regular Monitoring:

  • It's a good practice to monitor the subdomain for a few days to ensure consistent behavior and that there are no unexpected issues.

By carefully managing your DNS records and ensuring that your subdomain points only to the intended IP addresses, you can avoid conflicts and ensure reliable connectivity to the Best app.


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